Thank you for visiting my webpage (which is a lot like dropping by my house to say hello). 
      Please visit the new link for my latest book, Sleepers Awake. This book won Sowilo Press's Eludia Award.  It's now available for purchase on Amazon.  I will soon have a Paypal link working but in the meantime, if you would like a signed copy, please send me an e-mail telling me how you would like the inscription to read.  I'll send you a book with an invoice.  
     I started writing as soon as I could hold a pencil.  In those days I composed on lined yellow pads.  I still compose on lined pages but now I like a nice bound journal and a fountain pen.
     My first piece of prose, when I was about five, was entitled "The Tiny Party" and was pretty good, I think, for five years old.  It had a striking beginning, nice development and an artful ending plus some fascinating characters called Glissen and Bubble. I was the poet laureate of our family and cranked out appropriate verse on all occasions.
     Since then, I've written and published many poems and stories in print and online. I've posted a list of links here that will take you to some of these.  In addition, I've published three chapbooks of poetry: Liminalog (Inmates Run The Asylum Press), Angel Poison (published by the late great Jennifer Bosveld's Pudding House Publications) and Inscapes (wonderful Finishing Line Press).  Each of these has its own page here on the site.
     I have three books about to be published in 2015 and 2016.  EK, a full-length collection of widely (and some might say wildly) interpreted ekphrastic poems will be published in late summer/early fall by Cervena Barva Press, edited by Gloria Mindock. Another full-length collection of poetry, The Hubble Cantos, explorations of themes inspired by the Hubble Telescope's interpretations of astronomical phenomena, will be published in January 2016 by the Aldrich Press, Editor Karen Kelsay.
     I write poetry all night and stories all day (sometimes the other way around) so I also have a full-length collection of fiction soon to knock on the world's door.  Sleepers Awake, winner of Hidden River Arts' Eludia Award, was awarded the prize of $1000.00 plus publication.  This volume was published in November, 2015 and is available on Amazon.  
     Several of the stories in this collection have won prizes, been published or presented onstage in the Writing Aloud program of Philadelphia's InterAct Theatre, directed by David Sanders.
     Once again, thanks for stopping by and please come back. I love to talk with readers and other writers so don't hesitate to e-mail me by registering your name in the box or using the "Contact" link!
     Good-bye for now!  Happy reading and writing!

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